• June 20, 2021
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  • With eye on election and beyond, marijuana industry spends millions on lobbying


    Lobbying for cannabis reform in the U.S. Congress has evolved from a fringe issue a decade ago to a political priority that, this year alone, has absorbed more than $3 million and scores of registered lobbyists in Washington DC.

    And depending on how the Nov. 3 general election plays out, the marijuana lobbying landscape could become even pricier – and crowded – in 2021 and beyond, insiders said. Though that assumes major federal reform might be in the offing.

    If Congress moves closer to passing a bill to legalize marijuana, it’s likely lobbying efforts and spending will intensify, given that a crucial question is how the federal government would regulate a national cannabis industry.

    Such a question would interest corporate behemoths in the pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, for instance, as well as other sectors wanting to influence how any federal cannabis regulatory framework is crafted.

    Read full article here: https://mjbizdaily.com/marijuana-industry-spends-millions-on-lobbying-before-us-election/?mc_cid=128ccdf83c&mc_eid=33e049eacb


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