• September 27, 2020
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  • What Is Pinene and What Does This Cannabis Terpene Do?


    Some weed smells like straight up pine needles. That’s alpha-pinene you’re smelling. Where can you find this terpene, and what benefits does it offer, if any?

    The cannabis flower at your local pot shop comes in an assortment of aromas and flavors. Some probably resemble fruit baskets. Others may smell like fresh-cut floral bouquets. And still others may even remind you of chocolate.

    But quite a few of the dankest among the dank smell distinctly of pine trees. What causes weed to smell like a coniferous forest, and does this terpene offer any special benefits beyond the cannabinoids commonly found in cannabis?

    Pinene, or more formally known as alpha-pinene, is a monoterpene compound found not only in cannabis and pine needles, but also in a variety of other plants such as sagebrush, rosemary, eucalyptus, camphorweed, and even salvia divinorum. Yes, that salvia, the one that can make you trip balls. In fact, alpha-pinene is the most commonly encountered terpene found in nature. It’s damn near everywhere.

    There’s another form of pinene, known as beta-pinene, that’s also found in cannabis and other plants. Beta-pinene, like alpha-pinene, smells like woody pine needles, too. Some lab tests don’t differentiate these two forms of pinene, so you may just see “pinene” listed on lab results for your marijuana.

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