• December 05, 2020
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  • What is a One Hitter Pipe and How to Use It?


    The art of smoking marijuana has become diverse with many ways to enjoy this, such as using a one hitter. A one hitter is a glass pipe with a large, screened, narrow bowl usually designed to accommodate only one inhalation of vapour or smoke. Let’s take a close look at what a one hitter pipe is.

    1. What Is a One Hitter Pipe?

    This type of smoking device can be found in various shapes and sizes, such as the Dart one hitter. Most are designed with a bowl that is often a solid round shape with a rim made of glass or acrylic.

    Inhaling from a single hitter is much like inhaling from an herbal cigarette in that both are designed to deliver a concentrated amount of concentrated marijuana or hash oil. The difference is in the delivery method and the potency of the smoke that is inhaled. Let’s take a closer look at what a one hitter pipe is and how to use it.

    The content smoked can be in the form of dried, powdered, or compressed herbal oil, cannabis flower, or other herbal preparations. With one hitter, you inhale from the pipe just as you would a cigarette. The smoke from the hitter travels through the pipe to a chamber that is specifically designed to hold the cannabis, hash oil, or dried flower, and then to a closed-off chamber that holds a vaporizer. When the cannabis is heated to the point where it releases vapour, it travels up the vaporizer chimney and into the air where it can be exhaled.

    Now that we have taken a look at what the one hitter is, let’s see how to use the pipe step by step.

    1. How to Use a One Hitter

    Using the one hitter pipe is quick and simple. It’s a simple, four step process.

    • Ground your cannabis into a fine texture.
    • Tightly pack the ground cannabis at the end of the one-hitter. Make sure that you tightly pack this to avoid the cannabis shifting when you horizontally hold your pipe.
    • Place the end of the pipe to your mouth and slowly inhale and release.
    • Tap the bat on the palm of your hand to remove the ash leftover.

    See? An easy process for a quick fix.

    1. Advantages of Using a One Hitter

    You may be wondering why you would choose to use a one hitter over other smoking and vaping devices. Some of the benefits of a one hitter over other options are:

    • Hit Control

    The advantage of a hitter is that it provides more control over the strength of the hit. One hitter devices can produce a concentrated amount of marijuana, which can be inhaled in just one go. If a hitter is used alone, one inhale is usually more potent than several hits in an entire pipe. Some users report an initial hit of the hit being weaker than if a pipe is smoked in several hits. This is because the heater on a hitter is designed to keep the pipe consistently at a constant temperature, allowing the user to inhale from the heater without the risk of overheating the pipe.

    • Discretion

    The other advantage of this kind of pipe is the discrete nature of the process. A singular inhale eliminates the process of continuous smoking, which can spread to people around you. This also means that you don’t experience the odour that comes with smoking an ordinary blunt. Also, the one hitter is portable and easy to use – meaning you doesn’t need a marijuana tool purse – making it all the more discrete.

    • Conservation

    Using a one-hitter means that you use the amount of marijuana that you need to. When you roll a joint, you may overpack it, meaning you only smoke the amount that was sufficient enough for the joint that you smoked. The rest remains and can get burnt out by the remaining flame. You also get to save on your stash of marijuana because you get to smoke by yourself as you can’t pass around a pipe as you can a joint.


    A one-hitter is a pipe that is used to discretely enjoy smoking marijuana. The four-step process of using it is quick and easy and eliminates the lengthy process involved in getting a hit from a joint. You get to control the amount of marijuana you smoke and aren’t pressured to share as you can’t pass it around. This means you get to save your stash of marijuana while enjoying the quick effect of the marijuana by just a singular use.

    Make sure to consult your doctor before using a one-hitter pipe to smoke marijuana. Some people negatively respond to marijuana and require medical approval. Make sure to also safely inhale the weed to avoid choking and improper breathing.

    by Billy Hill 

    Billy Hill regularly publishes content about health and wellness on his blog to encourage his readers to prioritize their health. Bill’s content talks about a wide variety of topics on health and wellness – from how people can prepare easy and healthy meals from scratch, to how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long run.


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