• November 29, 2020
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  • What Is a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture? CBD High Potency Tincture


    With more reports emerging that focus on the negative side effects of traditional pharmaceuticals, an increasing number of people are seeking healing through natural remedies. If you have been keeping an eye on the headlines in the news, you have probably heard about “the green rush.” The expression refers to the increasing popularity of medical marijuana or, more specifically, CBD oil or hemp oil. The potent extract has been coined as “nature’s medicine,” thanks to its reported ability to positively affect a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. And as the popularity of CBD oil continues to grow, questions start to arise with regards to specific elements of the products you take.

    In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the primary benefits of using a full spectrum CBD tinctureand how it can alleviate a huge range of negative symptoms that you might be experiencing, such as chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.

    What Is a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture?

    While CBD and hemp have become famous as being some of the primary healing components of a cannabis plant, it is not the only compound that brings relief. Full spectrum tinctures are made using all of the potent ingredients found present in a hemp plant, not just pure CBD. This means that anyone taking a full spectrum oil, or tincture, can take advantage of a multitude of other healing elements like terpenes and lechetines. Simply put, a full spectrum tincture is made using every part of a plant including the flower, which contains many of the powerful elements needed to provide you with relief from pain or inflammation.

    How Can a Full Spectrum CBD Tincture Benefit Me?

    For anyone who has suffered from a persistent illness like Fibromyalgia or anxiety, a full spectrum CBD tincture could contribute toward unwanted symptoms becoming manageable. A full spectrum tincture interacts with our endocannabinoid system to eliminate pain and inflammation, whilst also having an entourage effect that leads to an increased sense of wellbeing. Full spectrum tinctures are thought to be more potent than CBD isolates, as your body will benefit from a multitude of therapeutic components.

    How to Choose a Good CBD Tincture

    Many consumers new to CBD tinctures find themselves confronted with hurdles when it comes to making a decision about the best brand to purchase. Price obviously plays an important factor in the decision process. But while you are doing your research prior to purchasing a product, there are a number of things you should look out for.

    A good quality full spectrum tincture should be entirely pesticide and GMO-free.The extraction process used will determine the purity and efficacy of your tincture of choice.Always look for a tincture that is as unprocessed and pure as possible.

    CBD Isolate vs. Full Spectrum Tincture

    Full spectrum refers to a tincture that has been made using every part of the hemp plant, not just the stalks and leaves. When you take a full spectrum tincture, you will be privy to the benefits of additional terpenes, minerals, and fatty acids, as opposed to just the cannabinoids, found present in a CBD isolate oil. Existing studies have determined that CBD is actually more powerful when used alongside another component found present in the cannabis plant and this is why a full spectrum tincture packs a bigger punch than an isolate.

    Will a Potent Full Spectrum Tincture Get Me High?

    Many people wrongly assume that a higher potency of CBD means you will get high. Fortunately, this is not true. As it currently stands, there are no firm guidelines with regards to the dosage of CBD tincture an individual should take. It is very much a case of trial an error, starting low and going slow (with regards to increasing the dose). A higher potency CBD tincture simply means that there is a higher concentration of cannabinoids present, so more severe illnesses can be treated without having to consume large quantities of the tincture. Always remember that any THC found present in a tincture (which is necessary in order for the CBD to have a synergistic healing effect) will have its psychoactive properties eliminated by other important compounds that will be present in the tincture.

    When Can I Expect to See Results From My CBD Tincture?

    CBD tinctures for medicinal use still has a way to go with regards to research on its efficacy and dosage when taken for particular illnesses. As it stands, some people report that they have felt the benefits in as little as a few hours after taking their first dose. For others, it takes around a week or so to start fully experiencing the positive effects that a powerful full spectrum tincture can have on your health.

    Final Thoughts on CBD Tinctures

    When it comes to a full spectrum tincture vs. a CBD isolate, there is no right or wrong. It is important to consider your individual needs and goals and also to select a brand that ensures the highest quality productwith the purest extraction process. If you have felt like you have been struggling with uncomfortable physical and psychological issues and nothing has worked so far, then a good quality CBD tincture could provide you with the additional relief that you need to get started on your journey of recovery.

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