• October 24, 2020
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  • WeGrow. Where the quest for the “Ideal Product” never stops


    So what does AI has to do with cannabis growing? Cannabis Report speaks with Andrew Ross, a co-founder of WeGrow about growing cannabis with the help of Artificial Intelligence and more… 

    Can you introduce us to We Grow Good? Where did the idea originate from? 

    WeGrow is a young Swiss brand, the only AI driven indoor cannabis growing facility in Switzerland. Our background is organic fertilizers production. We succeed in extracting pure fulvic and humic acids and use only bio fertilizers in our production so we can give our customers the best product possible.

    What makes your company and products different? Is it your growing technology?

    We are in constant process of learning new technologies and following best practices of cannabis growing from all over the world. I wouldn’t say we are ‘different’, we are just professionals in our every step.

    We use vertical farming systems with LED, SeaOfGreen technology, special soil, VPD and CO2 to achieve high results in growing. We created our own ‘Computer vision system’. A system that monitors the growing by using cameras in the lamps that take photos of the growing plants and then compares them with the previous background. If the system detects a difference in growing, then it sends a signal to the grower or adjusts automatically the light, temperature or humidity.

    In our growing center we also use the complex AI and deep learning agrotechnological support system.

    It watches every single plant at every moment of its life, automatically altering 6 crucial parameters necessary for perfect flower maturity.

    This ensures sustainable and uniform quality of every flower in our crop with a perfect balance of 15-20% CBD and THC below 0,2% (Washed). This is simply a better way of growing.

    What does Artificial Intelligence have to do with cannabis production? 

    AI technology is indeed intelligent just the way humans are. AI recognizes patterns, makes adjustments, and uses data to think through problems. In a way, an AI growing system does what a human grower does, only with the expertise of the very best growers combined into one entity. And it works much, much faster.

    We are offering the first Artificial Intelligence operated indoor hemp growing facility in Switzerland to give our customers the best product possible. By aggregating data and looking for patterns, our AI can automatically fine tune crops to their absolute maximum yield and potency. This type of indoor farm is engineered to grow the most ideal product and continuously improves upon itself, while changing the environment and adjusting the plants down to the level of the DNA.

    What challenges have you faced so far in the cannabis market and how were these overcome?

    Our main challenge was to change our business vision. Working with cannabis is not like anything we did before, this business needs a solid philosophy because cannabis has got very strong egregore. If you try to get into this business just for money making it will not let you in. The cannabis business, which is one of the most profitable businesses actually, is not really about the money. It is about the energy exchange with those who need our help. We want to give our energy to our customers and receive their positive feedback.

    What is the most important thing for companies to consider when entering this dynamic industry?

    They must love what they are doing, they must be passionate about cannabis and about helping people. When this is the case then the cannabis community will do anything to support them. The consultants will advise and share information for free and even the main competitors will help them in sales.

    What are the plans for the future and your ultimate goal?

    Our scientists are working on producing new retail products based on fulvic acid and cannabinoids, as our vision is to contribute to the fight against cancer. We are establishing a THC production facility in Spain so we will be able to work with the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

    We admire the plant, we respect our customers, we love our business. Give us your love back and together we will change the world!

    For more information visit https://wegrowgood.com


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