• May 11, 2021
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  • Vaping 101- How First-Timers Can Ace Dry Herb Vaporizers


    Over the years, regular cannabis smokers have realized the value of switching to vaping. It is a safer and healthier alternative and promises the most incredible experiences for medicinal and recreational users. Dry herb vaporizers are fast becoming a hot favorite for seasoned users, while they recommend it for newbies too. However, vaping dry herb requires some skills and expertise. It may get a tad overwhelming for beginners who have limited skills and experience with these devices. We have some useful tips that can help you ace dry herb vaporizers.

    Pick fresh herb

    Your vaping experience depends on the quality of the herb you use. When it comes to vaping cannabis flower, fresh is the best. Fresh refers to high-quality, well-cured bud that offers the best flavor and aroma. The vaporization process involves heating the herb to the temperature when its compounds reach the boiling point and transform into the vapor you inhale. So everything boils down to its moisture content, which is high in the fresh herb. Ideally, it should neither be too wet nor too dry to touch. Optimal moisture content does not mean that you should pick soggy buds. Also, buying from a trusted source is a good way to ensure quality when you cannot assess weed from its face value.

    Grind it properly

    After you have fresh herbs from a reliable source, you need to get it ready for vaping. Even before you put it into the vaporizer, you have to grind it first. Grinding increases the surface area, so the heat works better on the flower and builds thick, flavorful vapor. Ensure that you get an even and medium grind for the best results. You will need a manual or electric grinder as the grinding tool. Remember that you should not over-grind your weed as it will dry out much faster than it should.

    Pack the herb properly

    While grinding the herb to get a perfect texture is vital, you have to be equally careful about packing it properly in the vape chamber. It goes a long way in determining the overall experience. You have to nail the quantity because it should be just enough to produce an optimal amount of vapor. Going overboard with quantity can affect the vapor flow. It may even damage the device, which is the last thing you will want to happen. Packing properly requires some experience, but you can learn with some good advice from a seasoned user.

    Keep an eye on the temperature

    The most critical aspect of vaping is temperature control, which is often more daunting than it sounds. You have to get your settings right every time, and even a minor error can compromise the experience. The best temperature setting for a dry herb vaporizer requires you to experiment a bit to achieve one that works for you. Different temperatures yield different effects, so it is like hit and trial until you find the ideal one. Generally, you can expect stronger effects at higher temperatures.

    Pre-heat the vaporizer

    Like ovens, vaporizers need some time to heat up and reach the desired temperature. Sticking the herb in a device that isn’t heated up will only compromise your experience. Fortunately, portable vaporizers are easy to pre-heat and reach the ideal settings in a few seconds. It may take some time for the older models, but you will be able to get it to the desired level with some work. Read the user manual and understand the pre-heating process. Once you learn and implement it properly, you can have a consistent and enjoyable experience with every session.

    Avoid combustion of herb

    While preheating and temperature control go a long way in getting the best results, you have to go the extra mile to avoid combustion. The chemical bonds of the plant break down on combustion, producing toxic and carcinogenic compounds. Smoking involves combustion, which is the reason you will probably want to switch to vaping in the first place. It is vital to find the right temperature where you get enough vapor without burning your herb. You can seek advice from someone more experienced or go through the temperature guides to get the exact temperature.

    Inhale lightly and slowly

    Another good suggestion to ace your vaping experience with a herb vaporizer is by inhaling lightly and slowly. Gentle, short drags are the best way to go for beginners. You may be tempted to take big, long, and deep drags, but it isn’t the right way. Going overboard with the puffs elevates the risk of weed being sucked up into your mouth. Further, it gets cold air into the chamber, so the device temperature goes down, and it ends up working harder. Moreover, the quality of vapor is most likely to get compromised.

    Go the extra mile with vaporizer maintenance

    You cannot go slack with device maintenance if you want nothing short of the best experiences. Like any other device, vaporizers need good care to deliver the best. Make sure that you learn all about your device before getting started. Going through the user manual thoroughly will get you on track, while you can talk to an expert if you have some doubts. Regular cleaning is essential to keep the device in good shape and ensure excellent sessions every time. Keep an eye on the parts and replace them if they get damaged. Proper care ensures quality vapor and also increases the lifespan of your device.

    Acing dry herb vaporizers may take some effort for the first-timer, but it is worthwhile. Always invest in quality equipment from a reputed brand because it will last longer than cheap tools. Also, pick a model that is easy to handle and use, considering your novice status and limited skills. Give yourself enough room to navigate the learning curve and be willing to experiment, but make sure that you never go over the top with herb quantities and temperatures. Taking things nice and easy is the key to perfecting the art, which you will learn sooner rather than later with the right approach.



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