• September 25, 2021
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  • Understanding Medical vs Recreational-Use Cannabis Dispensaries


    When it comes to making sure that you’re getting the highest-quality cannabis, it’s crucial that you start by checking the type of cannabis dispensary you’re visiting. Indeed, different cannabis dispensaries have different specialties, and as such, knowing the type of dispensary you’ve picked can be helpful in ensuring you get the best cannabis and cannabis products possible. 

    Fortunately, we’re on hand to help with this – and today, we’ll be looking at the differences between medical and adult-use cannabis dispensaries to help you choose the right type for your buying needs!

    What Are Medical Cannabis Dispensaries? 

    First of all, let’s take a look at what medical cannabis dispensaries are. Medical cannabis dispensaries are locations whereby customers looking for cannabis for medicinal purposes can source high-quality, THC-free cannabis.

    For medical cannabis dispensaries, you may be asked to provide documentation relating to why you need the medical cannabis; for example, in many states, a doctor’s recommendation or a medical cannabis certificate may be needed to purchase medical cannabis from the dispensary. Moreover, the majority of medical cannabis dispensaries will also require that their customers register with the dispensary, allowing all medical recommendations to be kept on file for a more efficient cannabis dispensing service.

    Similarly to pharmacies and the like, medical cannabis dispensaries typically have a waiting room to ensure that patients get the right products, as cannabis is not available “off the shelf” for the majority of these dispensaries. Furthermore, this also allows medical cannabis dispensaries to provide their customers with superior privacy for their orders.

    Every customer gets personal time with the budtender at the dispensary, which can help them to choose the right type of medicinal cannabis for their needs and medicinal use. Indeed, different cannabis buds can have differing effects, making some cannabis buds more or less effective for certain conditions. This privacy with the budtender can be beneficial for many customers, as it allows them to talk confidently with the budtender about their requirements and medicinal concerns. After all, it’s understandable that people might not be comfortable talking about their medicinal concerns with people listening in – and as such, the privacy with the budtender can be important for helping people find the right type of medical cannabis.

    What Products do Medical Cannabis Dispensaries Sell?

    Medicinal cannabis dispensaries specifically sell cannabis buds and products that are low in THC, meaning that they won’t cause the high associated with general cannabis use. Generally speaking, most medical cannabis dispensaries will specialize in specific products such as cannabis and hemp oils and creams; however, there are some cannabis dispensaries that will offer novelty CBD supplements and products such as gummies, edibles, and the like.

    What Are Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensaries? 

    Next up, we have adult-use cannabis dispensaries, which are usually aimed at the recreational cannabis market. Adult-use cannabis dispensaries are specifically targeted at the recreational cannabis market, and don’t require customers to provide a medical reference or the like. However, adult-use cannabis dispensaries still require that their customers provide proof of ID to prove that they are of a legal age to be using cannabis, which varies from state to state. 

    Oftentimes, these dispensaries will publish their menus online. This allows customers to check out the different offerings of each of their local adult-use recreational cannabis dispensaries before deciding which one to use.

    What Products do Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensaries Sell?

    Adult-use cannabis dispensaries specialize in selling cannabis products that are intended for the recreational cannabis market. As such, they usually have a wide range of high-THC products and supplements that are designed to get you high and give you the potent psychedelic effects of cannabis. They often stock a wider range of cannabis supplements than medicinal dispensaries, with buds, oils, gels, creams, softgels, gummies, edibles, and more often being available.

    This differs from medicinal cannabis dispensaries, which solely offer cannabis products for medical use and not for their recreational effects. With that being said, while cannabis dispensaries aimed at the adult market are intended for recreational products, the cannabis stock they sell can still be beneficial for medicinal purposes. While their products will cause a high, the chemical compounds present in recreational cannabis strains can still offer a plethora of health benefits. As such, if you’ve been looking for cannabis supplements and products for both recreational and medicinal benefits, an adult-use cannabis dispensary could be a good option for you to consider.

    Are Cannabis Dispensaries Always Separated?

    When talking about adult cannabis dispensaries compared to medicinal dispensaries, we typically assume that these are distinct businesses. It’s worth noting that medicinal cannabis dispensaries and generic adult cannabis dispensaries are often one in the same thing. Indeed, in states where both medicinal and recreational adult cannabis are legalized, it’s not impossible to find a single premises doubling up as both a recreational and medicinal cannabis dispensary. These often split the premises down the central partition between the types of services, giving customers the opportunity to find the ideal cannabis option for their needs.

    Final Thoughts

    When it comes to finding the ideal cannabis for your needs, it’s crucial you take some time to consider the differences between adult cannabis dispensaries and medicinal cannabis dispensaries. While both sell cannabis buds and products, these are quite distinct from each other, and the products they sell vary considerably.

    As such, before choosing a dispensary, checking that it’s of the right type is vital – and luckily, we can give you some ideas about how to choose the perfect dispensary. Don’t make the wrong choice for your cannabis needs; find a dispensary that can offer you the perfect products instead!


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