• January 19, 2021
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  • The Re-branding of Cannabis in the Music Industry


    Views on the normalisation of cannabis in society is firmly dependent on social interactions, who you are talking to, and their relationship with it. There will be some in society that rarely encounter cannabis or those who use it, and are unlikely to perceive cannabis as an element of mainstream British culture.

    On the other hand, cannabis will be considerably more normalised for those who identify proudly as ‘stoners’ or ‘smokers’. This is by nature of their use, who they are likely to associate with, and the prevalence of cannabis culture. Music culture is often at the heart for those who use cannabis, it is a sphere of society where cannabis use is often embraced without judgement. From concerts to festivals, lyrics to music videos, and following artists on social media, it is clear that cannabis is comparatively normalised in the music culture, and possibly the music industry in general.

    Over in the US there is a budding relationship between the cannabis industry and the music industry. Following in the footsteps of other Hip-Hop artists Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z launched his own cannabis brand, Monogram. Following this, it was announced last week that Jay Z will also be the new ‘Visionary Officer’ for TPCO, which is now one of the largest cannabis companies in the world. As the ‘Visionary Officer’ Jay Z will be responsible for advising the company on the recruitment of other artists and entertainers, for the purpose of promoting the brand. This role undoubtedly encompasses TPCO’s strong reputational capital, highlighted in last week’s episode of ‘All Good Points’. Jay Z has considerable influence in both the music world and mainstream culture, his repertoire will encourage other artists of his caliber to endorse and represent the TPCO brand.

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