• October 22, 2020
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  • The Epic Cannabis Election of 2020


    This election year, we’re on track for high voter turnout…and, most likely, a turnout of high voters.

    November 2020 will be remembered as one of the most historically significant election cycles in American history. The White House, Congress and several governorships are at stake, of course. But it’s also a momentous election for marijuana and even psychedelics.

    According to the marijuana market research firm New Frontier Data: “The 2020 election could be one of the most consequential and historical events to change the landscape of the legal U.S cannabis industry.”

    National and state public opinion polls show widespread and enthusiastic support for cannabis and psychedelics measures this year. What’s it all mean for investors? After the voting, we’ll see not only a transformed political backdrop but more opportunities to profit from the marijuana industry.

    Now’s the time to selectively increase your exposure to pot-themed investments. Below, I steer you in the right direction. But first, let’s survey the November voting landscape from coast-to-coast. The coronavirus pandemic has cast attention on mail-in and early in-person voting; here are key dates and deadlines. In some places, the voting already has started.

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