• August 08, 2020
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  • Thai hospitals get the go-ahead to produce traditional cannabis medicines


    Medicines must adhere to list of 16 government-approved concoctions.

    Thailand is warming to cannabis with the announcement that some hospitals can now legally produce traditional medicine containing cannabis as long as a traditional Thai medicine expert is on duty to prepare them.

    The traditional medicines are treatments for common illnesses in some provinces, says the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Bangkok Post. The medicines can only be from among the 16 recipes permitted by the Thai government that include cannabis as the base ingredients, said Marut Jirasetthasiri, director-general of the department.

    The change hopes to answer the fact that more people have started to seek treatment using traditional medicine, Marut pointed out.

    Across Thailand, 291 units have been established at state-run medical outlets that can dispense cannabis-mixed medicines. So far this year, Bangkok Post reports, 60,000-plus rounds of treatments have been provided to patients.

    Read full article here: https://leaderpost.com/cannabis-news/thai-hospitals-get-the-go-ahead-to-produce-cannabis-medicines/wcm/b2d63fb2-1bfb-4968-b36b-060109d24366/?mc_cid=e4cb713c69&mc_eid=33e049eacb


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