• May 11, 2021
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  • Sleep-deprived? Let’s introduce you to CBD.


    In recent years, modern and scientific discoveries have secured the status of CBD as an effective medicinal drug. It proves its worth as an essential source of goodness. CBD helps with several
    symptoms like depression, anxiety, and pain. Let’s explore a little background of CBD and how
    it is effective for our body.


    The cannabinoid is a chemical compound unearthed in marijuana or hemp plants. CBD and THC
    are the two elements present in abundance inside these plants. They are both psychoactive but
    yet diverse in their effects. CBD is non-impairing and is beneficial, unlike THC that may cause
    harm to the body. CBD has the property to interact with the nervous system to control and cure
    several health issues.

    How efficient is the Endocannabinoid system for sleep?

    According to scientists, many discoveries revealed the strength of the Endocannabinoid system
    and its role in maintaining various body functions. The Endocannabinoid system is responsible
    for mood, appetite, and sleep hormones and enhances and regulates the circadian rhythms.
    There are primarily two Cannabinoid receptors within the Endocannabinoid system, mainly
    known as CB1 and CB2. The scientists discovered that CBD attaches to a specific cell to control
    the Circadian rhythms.

    Do you know about the reasons behind sleep deprivation? Usually, determinants like anxiety,
    pain, and depression affect our sleep routine. CBD acts as an antidepressant for mental disorders.
    It has multiple properties: a boon for anti-inflammation and has immune-building efficiency.
    While CBD can overcome such symptoms, it may enhance your sleep schedule and give a
    calming effect. Hence, CBD Gummies for sleep CBD Gummies for sleep are trending in the 21st Century as it offers
    everything and more you can ask from a CBD product.

    Why does one suffer from poor sleep routines?

    Before exploring the role of CBD, one must identify the reasons for loss of sleep or irregular
    sleep patterns. Inaccurate sleep is the result of multiple intricacies, and some factors contributing
    to Insomnia are:

    – Side-effects of certain medications can cause difficulties in the sleep/awakening cycle.
    – Disorders like anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, or depression can affect mental
    health and increase stress hormones.
    – High dosage of Caffeine, if consumed late at night.
    – Environment and improper comfort zones impact sleep patterns.
    – Loud noises or an uncomfortable bed can make one suffer.
    – Injuries that may lead to physical body pain may keep one awake.

    You might wonder how CBD is efficient for the treatment of such external factors of Insomnia?
    Many reviews of scientific publications and research suggest the alluring effects of CBD.

    – It reduces pain and helps to build the immune system.
    – It has anti-inflammatory properties.

    – It can lower the high anxiety levels.
    – It has the efficiency to soothe pain and reduce chronic pain.
    – It affects the nervous system to calm the mental disorders.

    Conclusions of the Research about CBD:

    Multiple scientific studies have confirmed CBD as an aid for Insomnia. It may help people to
    improve sleep if provided with adequate dosage. Researchers have also discovered that a dosage
    of CBD with the Placebo, the Insomnia drug, is very beneficial to make one fall asleep.

    One who suffers from Insomnia tends to exhibit high-stress levels. It leads to peak levels of
    Cortisol, the stress hormone of the body. Unusual levels of Cortisol can keep one awake even if
    one is not suffering from Insomnia. The experimental studies have concluded that a 300-600 mg
    dosage of CBD oil is sufficient. It enhances the relaxed nature and lowers the Cortisol levels.
    Hence, we can say that CBD is a sedative that can control the release of sedatives.

    The quantity of CBD intake varies from 25-175 mg. Researchers concluded that the most
    effective amount of CBD for dosage is 25%. However, sleep-deprived people require a
    comparatively higher dosage to get a peaceful sleep.
    An investigation regarding the efficiency of CBD led to the recruitment of 103 participants with
    anxiety or sleep disorders. A 3-month study over the effects of CBD on participants suggested

    that more than 66% experienced an improvement in sleep patterns. However, the rest percentage
    of the participants had worsened sleep experiences. So, The scientists and researchers conclude
    the effects of CBD oversleep as unsustainable. It might be efficient for people, but only for the
    short term.

    Few essential reviews of CBD and sleep patterns

    Not only Insomnia, but CBD also has the potential to treat RBD- REM Sleep Behavior Disorder.
    It often promotes the treatment of excessive daytime sleepiness, suggested in the 2017 review.
    CBD is responsible for the enhancement of wakefulness.
    Experiments also show a positive impact of CBD over grogginess that is a symptom of Insomnia.
    In particular, CBD can efficiently treat:
    – The causes of sleepiness or sleeplessness
    – Excessive daytime sleepiness
    – Grogginess

    Different ways to utilize CBD for sleep?

    CBD has different forms. So, the intake of CBD varies depending on the CBD form used. CBD
    is an outcome of marijuana or hemp plants, which contain the components of THC. So, The
    variant laws of many state governments restrict the legality of CBD. A doctor’s prescription is a
    must requirement to use CBD oil. One can infuse CBD in various forms for multiple specific
    benefits :

    – Edibles like gummy bears and cookies list the amount of CBD in milligrams.
    – Vape Concentrates through a vaporizer or vape pen. Here, CBD extracts get beaten up
    and release vapor that one can inhale.
    – Oils and tinctures: one can mix a few drops of CBD into their drinks.
    – Pills and capsules: It is beneficial for your pets along with humans.

    CBD vape is known as the most immediate way to get into your systems fast. But, it may cause
    respiratory risks as considered generally.

    The dosage of CBD varies from person to person according to their needs. Whether they want to
    treat a sleep disorder, personal body weight, or other mental issues; It is due to variations in the
    immune system. One thing which benefits you might not be beneficial for the other. Therefore,
    The best solution is to start from the minimum dosage amount and gradually increase it. It will
    help you to know the difference in enhancement with every dosage. So, be patient and do not
    expect any immediate results.


    CBD has the potential to treat the deep cause of Insomnia and other sleep-related issues. It is
    beneficial yet slow at results. One must surely recommend a doctor before using it. Though it
    may not be legal in every format at your place currently, the state laws change quickly. The near
    future explores the different medicinal aids of CBD. Hence, we can see the betterment of human
    health through CBD products.

    by Michele Lowe
    She is a proficient content writer with comprehensive experience of 10+ years in the CBD  vertical. She is known for her writings in the Cannabidiol industry. She has covered almost all the aspects of Cannabis, CBD, and related matters. She has always been passionate about writing and gradually moved towards CBD because of its
    emerging benefits and uses.



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