• January 19, 2021
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  • Proposal in USA would lift THC barrier for hemp to full 1.0%


    A U.S. senator has proposed an amendment that would raise the allowable THC level for industrial hemp in the USA from 0.3% to a full 1.0%, following a global trend in which many nations are adopting higher THC standards.

    Hemp stakeholders have long complained that the 0.3% THC level is too low, causing problems with “hot” or over-the-limit crops that in most cases must be destroyed. Also, higher THC levels would be positive for the CBD sector as CBD rises in industrial hemp in proportion to THC.

    The proposal is included in the Hemp Economic Mobilization Plan Act of 2020 (HEMP Act) an amendment to redefine hemp in a previous law, the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946. The amendment was put forth by Senator Rand Paul, a Republican from Kentucky.

    Read full article here: https://hemptoday.net/proposal-in-usa-would-lift-thc-barrier-for-hemp-to-full-1-0/?mc_cid=6177014672&mc_eid=e2114bb512


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