• September 27, 2020
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  • Luxembourg – Ministry of Health confirms temporary shortage of medical marijuana


    Over the past week, there have been claims that the Ministry of Health is experiencing a shortage in medical cannabis supplies. Upon request, the ministry confirmed a temporary shortage. 

    Since 9 July, new patients have not been permitted to start a cannabis treatment, until the available stock is back to normal. The Health Directorate advised doctors to prioritise patients who have already started treatment using medical cannabis.

    The temporary measure should prevent these patients from being forced to disrupt their treatment involuntarily. The directorate has also informed doctors of alternative treatments, if required.

    It remains unclear how exactly the shortage has come back and when exactly, Luxembourg’s stocks will be replenished. The Grand Duchy sources prescription cannabis products from Canada.

    Source: https://www.thejournal.ie/cbd-oil-recalled-ireland-cannabis-4727393-Jul2019/


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