• January 19, 2021
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  • Low-Dose Cannabis Is Gaining Major Popularity in Europe


    Cannabis has been popular in Europe for a very long time.

    While it’s unclear when cannabis consumption first became popular in Europe, it’s as popular today as ever before. Parts of Europe such as Amsterdam and Barcelona have been top cannabis tourist destinations among cannabis fans for many years.

    Europe has yet to see a country fully legalize cannabis for adult use, although momentum for legalization has gained steam in recent years. A court decision in Italy, similar to one issued in Mexico, determined that cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional, however, lawmakers in Italy have yet to implement the court’s mandate.

    A new trend is emerging in Europe that was probably unexpected to occur even a handful of years ago, and it could play a big role in what legalization eventually looks like in Europe.

    Low-Dose THC

    The legal cannabis industry is booming in Switzerland, but not in the way that most people think.

    Unlike legal cannabis in Canada, which involves cannabis that is very high in THC, Switzerland’s cannabis industry is based on a low-THC model.

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