• September 26, 2021
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  • Is Germany Set To Become Europe’s First Recreational Cannabis Market?


    A GREEN surge in Germany is opening up the possibility it could be the first European country to fully embrace adult-use cannabis.

    For large chunks of April and May the Greens have vied with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democrat-led coalition for top spot in the opinion polls.

    And, with a federal Bundestag Election looming this September, the arithmetic behind some form of adult-use reform now looks promising for its supporters.

    Long-standing German cannabis advocate Georg Wurth has been the spokesman and director of the German Cannabis Association since its launch in 2002.

    Momentum Behind Cannabis

    At that time The Greens were the only party in favour of legalisation and polling on 7%. But, for most of this year the Greens have polled between 20-25% and the majority of political parties now favour some sort of cannabis liberalisation.

    Mr Wurth said: “We have had 16 years of the CDU (Christian Democrats) and there has been no progress on adult-use. While we have had medical cannabis and there is now a big majority in the Bundestag for recreational cannabis reform.

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