• December 05, 2020
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  • Insight: The European Medicinal Cannabis Ecosystem Revealed


    A new report by First Wednesdays offers a unique insight into the European cannabis industry. Nine areas have been presented and analysed, while the Top 150 companies working in the cannabis industry have also been identified.

    According to Firstwednesdays, the UK-based network, which is part of Hanway Associates, the report’s aim was “to create a larger, more ambitious map of the medical cannabis value chain, and to explore the continent’s unique market features.”

    The report, published yesterday, is a deep dive into nine essential sectors of the industry: genetics and seedbanks, cultivation, testing, research, extraction and purification, formulation and manufacturing, branded medicines, technology, and distribution.

    With the details on the map, we can understand more clearly how the European cannabis industry works.

    One of the most damning findings is that, despite all the changes in methods and legislation, companies must rely on grey market suppliers as the market is still far from the level it should be at now.

    As far as cultivation, the report expects North Macedonia and Greece to join Portugal in 2021 as the most significant cultivators in Europe. These countries possess all the required conditions and the resources to be at the centre of the process.

    Read full article here: https://canex.co.uk/insight-the-european-medicinal-cannabis-ecosystem-revealed/https://canex.co.uk/insight-the-european-medicinal-cannabis-ecosystem-revealed/



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