• January 19, 2021
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  • HR Matters for Cannabis Companies [Book Review]


    As the widespread legalization of cannabis has gained momentum (five states voted to legalize medical, recreational, or both in the 2020 election), businesses need to have the support of a knowledgeable human resources (HR) professional to steer the legal landscape.

    Do you want to stay in business and lead the cannabis market? Of course! Stay abreast of the government regulations at the national, state, and federal levels, and read HR Matters for Cannabis Companies, authored by Renzie L. Richardson.

    Renzie is an entrepreneur and HR professional who is passionate about training, coaching, and helping business owners to understand talent economics in building a profitable cannabis business. CEOs and business owners hire her to improve human capital and implement strategies that improve performance.

    Understanding the Value of Human Resources in Cannabis

    Even reading just the first chapter will have you better understanding the value of human resources and how the discipline protects and influences the bottom line of a cannabis business. Whether you’re an HR professional, a C-suite executive, or simply an employee like myself looking to help improve operations of the company in any way possible, I recommend picking up this book.

    HR Matters will allow you to draw a holistic perspective on the dynamic role of HR functions in the cannabis industry. Renzie tells us what we need to do to up our game and sail through a storm of challenges by using the right tools and people.

    When you’re through with this book, you’ll have absorbed a non-biased picture of the cannabis industry and how you can benefit.

    How to Navigate a Sea of Changing Cannabis Laws and Standards

    When it comes down to it, you need to develop the right HR strategies to appeal to the right talent. Laws and standards of the cannabis industry and constantly changing (and mostly for the better!) that impact operational success, and it’s best to have an in-house HR resource or an external partner you can work closely with. The complexities of HR are best managed by an expert.

    As you probably know, the industry is faced with HR concerns in this booming sector with all kinds of demand, both for workers and consumers. Riding the wave of changes and hiccups is part of the gig, but this can’t be done without an expert on board.

    Renzie’s advice is to avoid taking shortcuts as these can backfire and could cost you big bucks, whether via fines or worse – the loss of your entire business. Mitigate the risks of cannabis compliance and laws with an experienced HR professional and trained team.

    Read HR Matters and Keep Up with Cannabis Industry Changes in 2021

    Get a preview of what’s inside HR Matters on Amazon. Read it on Kindle or paperback and learn how to help your company scale successfully. As you might expect, the new year is likely to bring more changes. You’ve got to keep up!


     By Seth Richtsmeier, Associate Director of SEO, Cannabis Creative Group


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