• July 25, 2021
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  • How Can Cheap Vape Flavors Give You a Premium Experience?


    Vapes, or as people call them traditionally – e-cigarettes, are the modern, electronic version of a conventional cigarette with tobacco. Let’s first find out how this electronic structure works in an e-cig.

    Every vape has a heating system. This system is generated by a battery, which heats the liquid in the vape through a heating element. When it comes to this liquid, you can choose it to teem with the most popular flavor on the market or simply go for cheap vape flavors.

    Traditional cigarettes only have the well-known, harsh, and sharp taste of genuine tobacco. Vapes, on the other hand, have a wide variety of these flavors you can choose from.

    Whether you opt for a vape where you add a fruity flavor, each of your exhales can taste like strawberry. If you like it more subtle, you can pick a coffee or cream flavor.

    So what makes vapes so diverse from cigarettes with tobacco? To begin with, they are potentially less harmful. Second, they contain nicotine, the addictive member of each cigarette, but it’s consumed differently. Let’s see how.

    The heating system in a vape that we mentioned is the core of every vape. It heats the liquid inside the vape, producing an aerosol. The process of inhaling this aerosol, which will have the taste you’ve chosen through the vape, is called vaping.

    How To Achieve a Premium Experience From Cheap Vape Flavours

    How expensive your vape flavor is doesn’t have to be the thing that determines how great your experience will be. Definitely not. We are here to show you seven simple things you can do with your vape to enhance the overall feel and achieve a premium one.

    Try Out Nic Salts

    Nicotine salts are the crystalized version of ordinary nicotine in the form of salts. Their key trait is that they are not sharp and harsh when you vape them, which is precisely why so many people buy them. If you like, you can learn more about nic salts.

    Set the Airflow Right

    This is the most straightforward setting for each vape. The wider the airflow – the softer the hit; the tighter the airflow – the more potent the hit. It solely depends on what you prefer.

    Choose the Right Cheap Flavour

    Choosing the flavor is highly personal and subjective. For example, some people prefer menthol flavor to enhance their experience. Others like citrus flavors, and the vast majority chooses fruity flavors or coffee for the most gentle hits.

    Whichever the case, other hacks from this list are there to help you achieve a premium experience.

    Balance PG and VG

    Now we’ll give you the key to setting the proper ratio of PG and VG in your vape. After a survey from many vapers, we arrived at two ratios for two completely different outcomes for the throat hit.

    If the PG/VG ratio is 60:40, your throat hit will be harsh, strong, and could even scratch at times. On the other hand, if PG is set to 40 and VG is set to 60, you’ll get a finer, more mild hit. In short, the more PG, the harsher the hit.

    Tackle the Power Settings

    If the power in your vape is set to more than 50W, the hit will be powerful. This is how it works in simple terms – the more power, the higher the temperature, the stronger the sensation.

    For this reason, even with a cheap flavor at hand, most vapers with a high power setting tend to lower the dose of nicotine.

    Find the Right Nicotine Dose

    Say you’ve just switched from a traditional cigarette to a vape. The throat you hit will now be very similar to the original. However, if you decide your dose to contain too much nicotine, the experience will turn out to be uncomfortable.

    This is why we advise you, regardless of the flavor you’ve chosen, to set the strength of nicotine to 10mg/ml or less.

    Consider a Hemp Wick

    Customers who are dissatisfied with all the boost hacks we have laid out here, and find even the flavor worthless, tend to boost their experience with a hemp wick. However, this is somewhat extreme to be used daily and is NSFW.

    The Wrap Up

    We hope that our long list of things you can do with your vape juice to get the whole experience helped. It’s not all about the priciness of the flavor. As you can see, you can get the cheapest flavor and maximize your vape’s potentiality.

    Once again, vapes are said to be much less harmful to you. For this reason, if you are already a full-time smoker, think about switching to vapes. This guide should have helped you see how easy maintaining them is.


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