• September 26, 2021
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  • Healing with Cannabis [Book Review]


    Millions of people around the world are treating their ills with medical Cannabis, but many don’t understand why or how these substances work. I never pretended to know how Cannabis works in my body, but today I’m armed with a better understanding thanks to Cheryl Pellerin.

    Cheryl has authored a book about Cannabis and the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that allows the plant to have positive affects our body: Healing with Cannabis: The Evolution of the Endocannabinoid System and How Cannabinoids Help Relieve PTSD, Pain, MS, Anxiety, and More.


    Cheryl Pellerin is a science writer with three decades of experience writing for print, broadcast, and the web. Cheryl earned a bachelor-of-science degree (cum laude) in science journalism, and in addition to covering how hallucinogens and cannabis work in the brain and body, she has written about:

    • Infectious diseases
    • Technology
    • Climate science
    • Space science
    • Natural disasters

    Why Cannabis?

    Healing with Cannabis is also about why Cannabis can help treat so many illnesses. Within the pages are interviews with some of the most knowledgeable cannabinoid scientists, plenty of supporting images and illustrations, and research and clinical trials that tell us all about the ECS and its origins.

    As Jeffrey Y. Hergenrather, MD states in the foreword, this book is a who’s who of investigators and their research in cannabinoid science and medicine. Cheryl Pellerin presents everything so we, as readers, can make our own decisions about Cannabis.

    And I must say that the physical book itself is a marvel. The cover design (by Daniel Brount) and illustration (by Serge Seidlitz) is a marvel. I don’t think I’ve ever been this impressed with the quality and appearance of a hardcover. It’s proudly on display on my bookshelf.

    What the Heck is the Endocannabinoid System?

    Nobody really knew about the ECS until the late 90s – yeah, as in 30 years ago. Despite Cannabis being used by humans for 5,000 years, scientists didn’t make the connection that this biological system is the reason Cannabis is helping people with health problems.

    Fast forward to today and the ECS is still not understood by many, even for folks like me who consider themselves to be Cannabis advocates. Healing with Cannabis discusses endocannabinoids (i.e., our body’s own cannabinoids) and how they work in our body and brain.

    Cannabis as Medicine

    In the second half of Healing with Cannabis, you’ll learn about Cannabis as medicine and how patients can help themselves while the United States is in limbo about legalizing the plant at a federal level.

    Cannabis is considered by scientists (which you’ll hear from) as a safe and effective treatment for many illnesses, including and certainly not limited to:

    • Inflammation
    • Stress
    • PTSD
    • Brain trauma
    • Chronic pain
    • Inflammatory disorders
    • Depression

    Read Healing with Cannabis Today

    Get a preview of what’s inside Healing with Cannabis on Amazon. Read it on Kindle or hardcover (again, the hardcover is so cool) and see how nearly everyone can benefit from this versatile medicine that’s changing the face of public health.


     By Seth Richtsmeier, Associate Director of SEO, Cannabis Creative Group


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