• May 27, 2020
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  • Green Wednesday Is A Big Green Deal


    While most people are starting to do Thanksgiving cooking on the Wednesday before, cannabis industry professionals prepare for one of the biggest sales days of the year. It’s known as Green Wednesday. Consumers stock up on cannabis for the holiday weekend that might be fraught with family tension.

    Or some consumers may need cannabis to help boost their desire to eat. Multiple large feasts are easier when you have appetite-inducing marijuana. Perhaps your tradition is “taking a walk” before dinner with your favorite cousin that you only see in the holidays and you use that walk to get a little buzzed.

    Then there’s the uncle that wants to talk politics, but only watches one particular broadcast channel or the relative that insists climate change doesn’t exist and informs you that this crazy weather is caused by sunspots. In order to keep the peace and not get into a heated debate, cannabis mellows out these interactions.

    Some people have parents that push their buttons or siblings where the relationship is complicated. A vape pen or an edible seems to melt away those anxieties. It’s certainly better than overindulging in alcohol. Or maybe the reason for the increased sales is that you’ll see old friends from home and you want to show up with party goods.

    So there may be many ideas about why the purchases are being made, what isn’t disputed is that the sales are happening.

    According to new data by BDS Analytics, “In 2018, November 23rd had the highest cannabis sales of any other day during the entire month of November with over $6.2 million in sales on that day alone, which is 60% higher than the average daily sale day in November 2018 and accounted for over 5% of that month’s revenue.”

    BDS provided additional data to demonstrate just how widespread these sales increases are.

    • November 21st– Day Before Thanksgiving – was the second highest revenue day of November IN ALL TRACKED STATES (2018).
      • AZ:over $2.7 million in sales, 67.2% higher than average and 5.6% of November sales.
      • CO:over $5.6 million in sales, 34.4% higher than average and 4.5% of November sales.
      • OR:over $2.8 million in sales, 55.8% higher than average and 5.2% of November sales.
      • CA:over $10.3 million in sales, 36.4% higher than average and 4.5% of November sales.
      • NV:over $2.2 million in sales, 31.9% higher than average and 4.4% of November sales.
    • November 23rd–Day After Thanksgiving, Black Friday – was the highest revenue day of November IN ALL TRACKED STATES (2018).
      • AZ: over $3.6 million in sales, 125% higher than average and 7.5% of November sales.
      • CO: over $6.7 million in sales, 60% higher than average and 5.4% of November sales.
      • OR:over $3 million in sales, 67.3% higher than average and 5.6% of November sales.
      • CA: over $10.3 million in sales, 37.3% higher than average and 4.6% of November sales.
      • NV: over $2.7 million in sales, 57.8% higher than average and 5.3% of November sales.

    The sales aren’t just limited to bricks & mortar stores. Online cannabis marketplace, Eaze saw a 136% increase in deliveries on Green Wednesday last year compared to a typical Wednesday in 2018.

    As the stigma begins to decline, there may come a day where instead of passing the peas, family members may be passing the peace pipe.

    Source: https://www.greenmarketreport.com/green-wednesday-is-a-big-green-deal/


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