• November 30, 2020
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  • Flower Power: Cannabis And The Culture Of The ’60s


    America will always remember the 1960s as a decade of unprecedented advancement, societal change, and tragedy. A man walked on the moon, and a wildly popular president was assassinated. Weed and LSD sparked the imagination of a counterculture revolution. And the waves made by these events still ripple through the culture of America today.

    Art and Architecture

    Fueled by the space race, art and architecture in the 1960s aggressively pursued a clean, streamlined vision of the future. What the 1950s began, the art of the 1960s tried to make real. Buildings continued to grow in ambition and scale, transforming the skylines of American cities and blurring the lines between architecture and art with projects like St. Louis’s Gateway Arch. Pop art, best remembered from the works of artists like Andy Warhol, swept galleries. New styles, including op art, environmental art, and assemblage art, grew from cultural evaluation of the sudden changes, costs, and benefits of modern lifestyles.

    Read full article here: https://theweedblog.com/culture/60s-flower-power and find out more about the Fads and Fashion, Historic Events and Technology, Music, Theatre, Film, Radio, and Television, and the 1960s Drug Culture.


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