• April 17, 2021
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  • FineLeaf. Helping cannabis entrepreneurs, investors and governments become part of the world cannabis future


    Let’s begin on a challenging journey where one well known plant with a history of love and hate, peace and war, health and madness has shaped generations but has recently beengaining the outmost respect it very much deserves.

    We at FineLeaf. set out on this journey with a purpose to bridge the processes and compliance set out in other industries with the benefits and value the cannabis plant can bring to our society.

    Whenever the word cannabis was mentioned the immediate stigma was brought up, especially when you are talking to the older conservative generation. Many affiliate it to laziness, psychosis and stupidity. Others do not want anything to do with you as you are tipping your toes in illegal substances.

    But we find in our journey that humanity always finds a way to move forward from old stigmas, especially when the word medicinal” is placed in front of it and hoorah… we now have a whirlwind of opportunity, research and a plethora of new products that can assist humanity to better tackle the difficulties of modern life. And so here enters the curiosity and more socially accepted ingredient backed for years by the entertainment industry as a symbol of culture, peace and revolution.

    However, the cannabis plant traces its medical roots back to ancient Greek, Indian, Chinese, Egyptian and Islamic cultures. It is one of the world’s oldest medicines. Indeed, in the UK, it was used as a medicine until 1971 – even, reputedly, by Queen Victoria on a regular basis to ease discomfort.

    We are only just beginning to understand the full power of cannabis. We now have evidence it can improve symptoms and treat certain diseases. We also know it helps with sleep, anxiety, pain and appetite. We have seen its application in medicine – in particular in relation to cancer, multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. Equally, there are plenty of stories about its positive impact on people’s lives – how it has been life-changing and, in some cases, life-saving.

    At the same time, we see how industrial cultivation of hemp going back to the days before prohibition can be used as a sustainable crop into creating concrete and fibre for building houses or manufacturing cloth.

    But on top of all this great forward looking and accepting ways in relation to the many positive aspects of the cannabis plant, we are faced with many bureaucratic issues before our flowers can bloom globally.

    Just like any new industry the hurdles needed to overcome before success are far and beyond as it has been proven in the most recent years of legalisation and legislative reform.

    So, when one very complicated agricultural plant proves not only to have tremendous benefits but has the ability to penetrate into so many different established industries. One has to wonder how do we bridge the gap of what is sold on the streets as an illegal substance through the heavily compliant and complicated quality assurance matrix set out by governments, commissions and world organisations?

    Having entered the industry over a year ago we at FineLeaf.provide guidance through this maze for the companies whichare in the industry and the ones that want to join the industry.But also, to educate the investors who are willing to support the cause of the question highlighted above.

    Since our inception we have been surprised to find how many that jumped on the green rush, especially on the less regulated path of hemp cultivation and extraction focused on developing cannabinoids other than the psychoactive ingredient THC such as the famous CBD and less know CBG and CBN, had no idea what they were doing other than making a quick return or exit. Suddenly they find themselves stuck in a grey zone of what is legal, illegal and which market would pay the best price for their product. At the same time capital needs in the industry are increasing and capital has become harder to source due to the plummeting of the publicly traded cannabis companies, placing a dampener on the true valuation of the industry and a huge over supply of products that do not meet compliance.

    We have set on a mission to help integrate these companies that want to develop a product but not yet have the suitable infrastructure and assist them in building an alternate level of protection to survive. By succeeding on our mission and focusing on our core values we hope to bring our clients to a level for greater domestic growth and international expansion that any investor who wants to come into the industry will support them and our partners.

    It has been a very spontaneous, exciting and constantly changing year for us and the industry. We have managed to form alliances and network with leaders in the industry who are focused on creating the infrastructure for the development of cannabis globally and help spread the message of reform.  It is our vision to build the pathways needed to help cannabis entrepreneurs, investors and governments succeed in becoming part of the journey in the sustainable future of world cannabis.

    I would like to take this moment to thank everyone who supports us from around the world and welcome anyone to get in touch with us on how FineLeaf. can create value in your organisation.

    By Andrew David Petronanos, Founder & CEO FineLeaf.

    Find out more here: https://en.fineleaf.ch


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