• September 26, 2021
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  • Does Your Weed Lose Its Potency As It Sits On Dispensary Shelves?


    One of the questions that you might have on your mind is, does my weed lose its potency as it sits on my dispensary shelves? That’s a fantastic question ask as you move forward in cannabis journey. Indeed, any proper cannabis enthusiast would want to know about this aspect as they progress on their journey and purchase cannabis for the short term and the long term.

    The reason why you are asking this question is because you want to know more about the potency, the expiration, and other matters related to this herbal and natural wonder.

    You know that cannabis is past the negative stigma in many areas. Various states have moved forward and passed legislation for medical marijuana legalization and have then proceeded to do so for recreational marijuana as well. Indeed, more states are decriminalizing it as well. That is why now is the time to talk about the benefits of weed, how it is used for reducing anxiety, stimulating appetite, and reducing pain.Did you know that studies show marijuana makes its users creative and artistic? No wonder most musicians and artists use weed regularly!

    Now the real question is, does your weed go bad? Or does it stay intact? Unlike the jar of mayo or the box of cornflakes resting on your kitchen shelf, weed doesn’t go bad altogether. However, it turns moldy. The lovely flower loses its potency, not too fun to smoke!

    How to tell if your weed’s potency level has gone down
    Just like other food products, weed does have a shelf life. Most people assume cannabis to stay fresh and ready to smoke. When you buy weed, it should come with a little bit of moisture.

    The best way to check the freshness of weed is to check its moisture content. After buying weed, you will probably break it into half and put it in a grinder. But before that, while you are cutting it in half, the flower must be able to bend just a little bit in your fingers.

    If you hear a dull snapping sound, that’s a good sign meaning your weed is fresh and intact. The key to check marijuana freshness is to balance out the moisture content. There shouldn’t be too little moisture or too much of it.

    Smell and taste
    A pungent smell is a clear sign that food has gone bad. Similarly, like other perishables, weeds’ potency is checked by sniffing it. If your weed is old, it wouldn’t have a smell, and you will know its strength has gone down. It lacks a strong smell, and when you taste it, it will probably leave a bad taste inside your mouth. It can be a disappointing buzz!

    Temperature and lighting
    Now the real question is, will lighting and temperature affect your weed potency? The answer is yes, it does. It plays a role in the overall storing of your weed. Unnecessary exposure of weed to UV rays can destroy its integrity. Additionally, if your weed is placed in cold temperature or when it’s too hot, the two severe temperatures can lessen its shelf life.

    How to prolong the shelf life of your weed?
    Now you know how to spot if your weed’s potency has gone down, but is there a way to prolong the shelf life? Yes, with proper storage, you can maintain its quality for as long as possible.

    All you need to do is give it an optimum environment. Be careful with light, temperature, and oxygen levels. All of these three factors can mess up with the quality and taste.

    Use a suitable container
    Are you storing your weed in a plastic container? Remove it right away! Plastic containers and other polyethylene bags are harmful to keeping weed in.

    The plastic affects the trichomes on flowers that mess with its potency. Glass jars with an airtight seal are the way to go! Also, if you have kids at home or pets, invest in a pet-proof glass containment.

    Watch the humidity
    The humidity levels should be around 63%. If it is any higher than this, it has a risk of trapping moisture, leading to mold growth.

    Do not store it in the freezer
    “Keep it in the freezer so that it can last longer!”

    You might have come across a person who recommends storing food products in the freezer to prolong its life. But, unlike other food products, this isn’t the case with weed. The high temperature causes trichomes to break off when handled. Moreover, keeping it in the freezer gives it an unnecessary exposure to moisture resulting in mold.

    The bottom line is, extreme times call for extreme highs! Smoking weed with old bud can lead to some bad outcomes, including vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. Now, do yourself a favor, store it in the right way to experience premium Bay City dispensary weed-smoking!



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