• July 25, 2021
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  • Does cannabis interact with a COVID shot?


    After more than a year of isolation, the COVID-19 vaccines are ushering in normal life, and a reason to celebrate.

    And while many are wondering if it’s OK to have a celebratory drink after the vaccine, what about those of us that commemorate major milestones with cannabis?

    • The vaccine trials didn’t exclude or track cannabinoid use status, but multiple experts say that there is no evidence the vaccine interacts badly with either alcohol or marijuana.
    • Anecdotal evidence also points towards cannabis use pre or post-vaccination being OK. Almost 301 million Americans have received a dose and the number of new COVID cases continues to decline, demonstrating the vaccines are safe and effective. Millions of Americans who regularly enjoy marijuana have vaccine immunity to this deadly new pathogen.
    • Vaccines’ rare side effects stand in contrast to a global pandemic killing about 600 Americans per day; with variants on the rise.

    It’s crucial folks protect themselves and their communities, yet anti-vax sentiment lurks in the cannabis community, just like broader society. Weed lover Joe Rogan back-peddled on comments that younger people should forgo the vaccine. In reality, heavy lifetime cannabis consumers report being less likely to get vaccinated, 2021 survey research indicates.


    Read full article here: https://www.leafly.com/news/health/does-cannabis-interact-with-a-covid-shot


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