• March 03, 2021
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  • Clinical Study On 200 People Aims To Establish ‘Safe’ THC Level In Full-Spectrum Hemp Extracts


    THE largest every study into the toxicological impacts of humans ingesting trace levels of THC in food will get underway in the next few weeks.

    The European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA) is spending over €1.6m on the trial featuring 200 participants. Taking place in Europe, EIHA believes the trial will help establish an evidence base for regulators to adjust the permitted levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in foods.

    Free From Isolate Cocoon

    And, in doing so, it believes it will free the European cannabinoid and hemp industries from the regulatory cocoon of processed CBD isolates. Lorenza Romanese, Managing Director of EIHA, told BusinessCann: “This is the biggest study ever conducted in history into any potential toxicological impacts of THC in food on human beings – it could change the face of cannabis across the planet.

    “This is the only way we can proceed if we want to demonstrate to regulators that it is safe for businesses to make and sell – and for consumers to take – real, full spectrum, hemp food supplements, containing all of the cannabinoids, and their acid forms.

    Read full article here: https://businesscann.com/clinical-study-on-200-people-aims-to-establish-safe-thc-level-in-full-spectrum-hemp-extracts/?mc_cid=670635bc02&mc_eid=b20cd943c2


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