• September 21, 2020
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  • Chart: 2020 an ‘extinction event’ for thousands of CBD companies, but industry remains crowded


    Rocked by a global pandemic and its resulting economic havoc, thousands of CBD companies in the United States will likely shutter in 2020 – but the CBD market will remain flooded with some 1,500 brands jostling for market share, according to cannabis research firm Brightfield Group.

    The top 20 over-the-counter CBD companies accounted for just 17% of the overall CBD market in early 2020, with some 3,000 other competitors crowding 77% of the market, the firm estimated in a report released last week.The largest CBD producer, London’s GW Pharmaceuticals, makes prescription CBD medicines and accounted for the final 6% of U.S. CBD sales, according to Brightfield’s count.

    The flooded market is a result of entrepreneurial enthusiasm for a booming trend with few established brands. Throughout 2019, the CBD market saw so many new CBD market participants that those earning less than $1 million in annual revenues occupy over 97% of the market, Brightfield concluded.

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