• May 11, 2021
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  • CBD Oil Vs. Hempseed Oil: Are They Any Different?


    With the growing popularity of CBD oil and other natural products that are believed to promote wellness, comes some confusion when it comes to differentiating these from each other. For instance, many people are still unaware of the differences and similarities between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. 

    Here are some of the factors that differentiate these two oils:


    Production Process

    One of the major differences between CBD oil and hempseed oil is the production process. To begin with, CBD oil is made from the stalks, leaves, and flowers of the hemp plant, while hemp seeds are from the cannabis Sativa plant.

    The process involved in making CBD oil is more complex than that of hempseed oil, which is why CBD oil cost may be more than hemp seed oil. Different methods can be used to extract CBD oil. Check out some of them below: 

    • One way is to use carbon dioxide. The CO2 gets pumped into a chamber with cannabis. The chamber is set at such a pressure where the CO2 remains in a liquid form while absorbing flavors. This mixture of infused CO2 and cannabinoid gets pumped into a 3rd chamber where the CO2 returns to its gas state.
    • The other method of producing CBD oil is by using liquid solvents as a form of oil extraction. Substances in liquid form include ethanol, butane, hexane and alcohol.
    • The oil infusion method is when the plant is heated to a temperature that activates the CBD oil compound. An oil such as coconut or olive oil is then added as a dilution and is cooled down.

    Hemp oil, on the other hand, is less complicated to produce. The seed oils are extracted using an oil seed press machine. Raw seeds are dispensed into the hopper and the screw crushes the seeds. Oils run through the channel, and this is the stage where the pulp is separated from the oil. This method is why hemp oil is considered one of the most unprocessed oils compared to other oils.

    CBD Presence 

    Different types of CBD oil products can contain various levels of CBD in it. Some may even include THC which is the psychoactive component. Hempseed oil doesn’t have a trace of CBD which is why the process of production is also simpler than CBD oil.


    Because of the fact that CBD oil is a cannabis extract, the legalities and safety of the product are blurred across countries. You won’t be able to find CBD oil in certain parts of the globe because of this grey area. For example, South Africa is the only African country that has legalized the production and purchase of CBD oil. Meanwhile, you can get CBD oil products in all the 50 states of America. The legalization of CBD products is a slow global process.

    On the other hand, hemp seeds can be accessed anywhere in the world. There are no rules or regulations regarding growing hemp, producing it, and selling or purchasing it. This makes hempseed oil accessible regardless of your geographical location.


    Quality Control Processes 

    Quality CBD oil products need to go through a third-party quality control assessment. This is because it’s important to determine the safety of the product seeing that it’s a CBD extract. Vendors may try to cut corners that are required in processing and eliminating any toxins so that the product sells. You should make sure that you purchase CBD oil products that are explicitly stated as having undergone this type of independent quality control testing.

    On the other hand, hemp seed oil can be made at home and utilized once the product is ready. The unprocessed nature of the oil makes the product safe enough to grow and produce in your home without compromising health and safety.


    Possible Health Benefits 

    When it comes to the different uses of the two types of oils, similarities are drawn. Both contain high levels of fatty acid and protein which are appreciated for their potential benefits. Some of the possible benefits of CBD oil and hemp seed oil include:

    • Help improve skin, hair, and nail health
    • May benefit heart health
    • Help provide pain relief
    • May help alleviate depression, insomnia and muscle tension.

    Methods of Taking the Oil 

    The different methods that you can take the oil are also similar. You can take either CBD or hempseed oil in the form of liquid, apply it on your body, include it in your food and enjoy as a part of a snack, or include drops in your bath. The method that you decide to take the oil largely depends on the benefit you’re hoping to get. For example, if you are taking the oil to help alleviate muscle pain, you can directly apply and gentle massage the substance on the aching parts of your body.



    Both products don’t have stipulated dosage recommendations. Hemp oil is regarded as a safe and natural product where one can’t overdose to dangerous levels. CBD oil also doesn’t have an official dosage recommendation. However, seeing that it’s a cannabis extract, one is advised to consult a doctor before including CBD into their lifestyle.


    There are differences and similarities between CBD oil and hemp seed oil. The differences between the two are in the way that the oils are produced, the presence of CBD, availability of the product, as well as the dynamics of quality control. The two products are similar in terms of the possible health benefits, methods of taking the oil, and that there is no official recommended dosage.

    It’s important to note that people react and respond differently to these two products. It is recommended to consult your doctor before including the oils into your lifestyle, particularly CBD oil. You should also monitor your responses and be aware of any side-effects that you may experience. Make sure to purchase CBD oil from trusted and reputable vendors to avoid compromised products that can jeopardize your health. You should also research the product to analyze the product information before you decide to purchase.


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