• April 17, 2021
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  • CBD Could Improve the Lives of Thousands of Pets


    Humans aren’t the only ones that benefit from a more open CBD market. As the legalization around cannabis-derived products continues to lax, cannabidiol (CBD) could see a dramatic rise in popularity as veterinary medicine. Many health professionals have long considered the benefits of introducing CBD as a therapeutic supplement for animals due to its lack of known side effects. For pet owners will dogs or cats that are susceptible to seizures, this could be a life-changing opportunity.

    What is CBD Exactly?

    Before you go down a Google rabbit hole of ‘What is CBN? Is it different from CBD? How do I use it?’, take a moment to learn what CBD really is. While CBD is derived from cannabis, it is only one of a hundred different chemical compounds found in the tall, green plant. These compounds, known as cannabinoids, have a variety of different effects on the human body when they are ingested or absorbed. But since there are so many different cannabinoids, it is also important to mention that not all of them offer the same interactions that people generally associate with cannabis.

    Based on a 2018 health report conducted by the United Nations, there is very little evidence to suggest that CBD produces the same physiological effects as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), another cannabinoid. This means that CBD, as presented in the aforementioned report, does not tend to produce a ‘high’ in healthy individuals. Moreover, it doesn’t seem to provide many side effects either. The researchers of the report claimed that CBD acted like a ‘placebo’ in that it played no role in creating or facilitating psychoactive or cardiovascular effects. It was essentially unnoticeable amongst the study’s healthy test subjects. So, if CBD doesn’t facilitate a high, what does it do?

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