• September 26, 2021
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  • CBD beauty products: Why they are popular and what to look out for in the labelling


    South African haircare brand Jabu Stone has also joined the CBD market by launching a hair care line with Sativa as the hero ingredient. The brand launched a new Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil range. Jabu Stone brand manager, Tumi Mathebula, told W24 that the benefit of using this ingredient is that cannabis oil soothes the scalp and prevents it from being inflamed.

    Celebrities are also jumping in on the boat as Martha Stewart launched her own CBD skin care line last year and Billy Porter recently revealed he uses CBD serum and face mists to keep his skin glowing.

    The ‘Pose’ actor shared with Glamour his secret to keeping his skin glowing at 51. It includes using Cannabidiol products, and he also highlighted the importance of treating your skin well. “I really take care of my skin. Your skin is the way you treat it. So I treat my skin well, and it treats me well in return,” he said.

    Billy’s skincare routine includes using a CBD-infused serum to help tighten his skin and keep it glowing. “The CBD oil is one of my favourites – tightens up the skin, henny! You know, Herbivore is on the top list right now; that’s what they use on Pose. I fell in love with that line.” he says.

    Read full article: https://www.news24.com/w24/style/beauty/skin/cbd-beauty-products-why-they-are-popular-and-what-to-look-out-for-in-the-labelling-20210709




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