• October 24, 2020
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  • Cannabis Growing During Different Seasons [Guide]


    Indoor growing has changed the face of marijuana cultivation. It is now possible to grow weed at any time of the year in an indoor setup. You can use lights to mimic the sun’s effect and provide ample nutrients to help your crop grow. Thanks to auto-flowering strains, you can even enjoy the fruits of several bountiful harvests each year.

    However, we have grown cannabis naturally outdoors for thousands of years. Outdoor-grown weed isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as its indoor counterpart. Also, you can only grow it once a year.

    However, it is a less expensive method (if you have land). In addition, your plants benefit from the full spectrum of the sun’s light. This is a form of light that is tough to replicate with a typical indoor lighting setup.

    Your plants should begin flowering in late summer. It is ready for harvest in the fall, usually between late September and late October, depending on the strain. As it happens, marijuana cultivation is a four-season endeavor. You germinate the seeds and plant seedlings in spring and watch as your plants flourish in the summer. Then you harvest in the fall, and trim, cure, and dry the buds in winter.

    In locations where outdoor growing is prevalent, there is usually a surplus of fresh flowers in the weeks after an annual harvest. This is typically the best time to purchase weed because supply outstrips demand. By the end of winter and in early spring, consumers want more marijuana. Demand exceeds the supply by the middle of the year. Prices rise to reflect the relative scarcity of cannabis.

    In this article, we’re going to look at the cannabis growing season and whether different strains have different seasons.

    Read article here: https://wayofleaf.com/cannabis/growing/cannabis-and-the-four-seasons


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