• April 17, 2021
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  • Cannabis culture is changing. Marketers need to adapt

    Cannabis is going mainstream, but marketers still face substantial challenges.

    Up until recently, cannabis brands have had little reason to market their products to anyone other than the stereotypical cannabis enthusiast. Now, as recreational use of marijuana is legal in 15 states and tilting toward mainstream acceptance, brands are adjusting their marketing strategies to reach new and more diverse segments of consumers.

    Lisa Buffo, the founder and chief executive officer of the Cannabis Marketing Association, said lately she’s noticed brands “getting more niche with their unique selling propositions,” targeting the “canna-curious” crowd, composed mostly of women and Baby Boomers, which she estimates are two of the fastest-growing customer segments.

    That’s a stark contrast to five years ago, when, according to Buffo, cannabis brands almost exclusively targeted men in their twenties.


    Perceptions around cannabis — and the populations in which marketers see new demand — are quickly changing.

    “There’s this trend of replacing the glass of wine with a joint at the end of the day, to take the edge off,” Buffo said of the emerging population of women who are trying CBD and cannabis products for the first time. “I think we’re seeing it get even more specific and targeted within that group as well.”

    Buffo has seen some brands go through complete overhauls of their look and feel, or launch entirely from scratch, in order to appeal to a wider range of consumers — women and the wellness crowd, especially.

    “There’s this trend of replacing the glass of wine with a joint at the end of the day.”

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