• September 26, 2021
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  • Cannabis Could Become an Integral Part of Luxury Wellness Tourism in Thailand


    While the legalities surrounding marijuana and cannabis differ widely from country to country, the worldwide consensus seems to be that hemp has definite healing powers. In Thailand, progressive new legislation is allowing modern methods to transform a once traditional medicine into a wellness wonder.

    When Pañpuri Wellness, one of downtown Bangkok’s most luxurious spa facilities, introduced their new ‘Special Onsen’ package, it garnered more attention than usual, since the “special” ingredient turned out to be marijuana.

    Described as a “holistic cannabis wellness experience”, it begins with a de-stressing Cannabis Herbal Bath that promises soothing benefits delivered via herbal bags in the water that contain cannabis leaves, as well as Thai herbs like lemongrass and zeodary. Followed by a trip to Pañpuri’s Cannabis Steam Room and the detoxifying Cannabis Himalayan Salt Sauna, the whole package aims to reduce muscular fatigue and promote restful sleep.

    The short answer is yes; however, the longer answer takes into account the fact that in December of 2018 Thailand became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalise cannabis for medicinal purposes. And while recreational use is still banned, the cultivation and possession of cannabis is now legal for those who meet strict eligibility requirements. It’s been a very progressive step on Thailand’s part to adopt these new laws, and it’s definitely in line with changing global attitudes towards the once wicked weed.

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