• December 05, 2020
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  • Cannabis Conversations: From Confusion to Clarity [Book Review]


    Cannabis and CBD have become a go-to for many people (and even children and pets) for better health. Want to know what’s best for your wellness and happiness? You need to read Cannabis Conversations: From Confusion to Clarity, authored by Cynthia L. Dougherty, PhD. The book will teach you the history of Cannabis and show you how to make the plant work for you.

    Cynthia has practiced in a wide variety of settings, including a clinical practice, schools, hospitals, and major corporations. Cynthia now combines her psychology and therapy training with her love and passion and for neuroscience and mindfulness. She believes that bringing mindfulness into your life both personally and in business will help you optimize your ability to create and live a fulfilling life.

    Passionate Conversations from Cannabis Experts to Ordinary People

    Cannabis Conversations is split up into four sections – personal stories and then three sections about medical, distribution, and legal. Cynthia collaborated with 30+ people to contribute chapters and share their wisdom about Cannabis and CBD.

    What I enjoyed reading most are the personal stories of those who changed their lives for the better with the miraculous plant, and here are a few that stood out for me:

    Avianna Castro

    Through research, Avianna realized the effects of CBD mimic a compound already found within our body, aligning homeostasis in the body. Our world has become filled with chemicals being prescribed to us, and she believes CBD is a natural conduit to help people and animals without the negative side effects to chemicals. Avianna is an entrepreneur, intuitive medium, awareness mentor, and meditation teacher.

    Brian Essenter, RPh

    After working in retail pharmacy for 16 years, an unusual door was opened for Brian – the opportunity to manage a medical marijuana dispensary. But the information he thought he knew about Cannabis might be different the next day as research is often done outside the United States. Brian is a registered pharmacist and owner of MM Consult CT where he guides Cannabis patients through the process of navigating Connecticut’s medical marijuana program.

    Janet Macksood

    Janet’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and she began giving him concomitant therapy that included CBD and THC. He soon spoke in full sentences, ate more, and his hand tremors had lessened. Janet is the founder of NanoCore CBD and NanoCore Pets, offering what she believes are the most effective CBD products for us and our pets.

    Dr. Michelle Ross, PhD

    Years ago, Michelle woke up with her writing completely limp and in pain. She needed expensive surgery that might not have worked, and instead turned to Cannabis to keep her chronic inflammation and neuropathy at bay. Michelle is a neuroscientist who helps patients, healthcare professionals, and the Cannabis industry to understand how to use Cannabis, CBD, kratom, and psilocybin mushrooms safely.

    Rebekah Logie

    After a scary breaking-and-entering at her apartment, Rebekah had developed PTSD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The only thing that helped her sleep through the night and brush away the dark clouds was Cannabis. Once chasing a dream of working at SeaWorld, Rebekah is now an advocate for Cannabis in her community.

    Stephanie Johnson

    Diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, it seemed like Stephanie had a 25 percent chance to see five more years. Cannabis helped her navigate through the most difficult year of her life. Stephanie is a research and communications professional who furthers conversations in beauty, lifestyle, Cannabis, and wellness.

    Get Answers to all Your Cannabis Questions

    Cannabis Conversations will also answer just about every essential question about the Cannabis plant that you can imagine. In this book, you’ll bust common myths and discover all the health benefits. You’ll also learn where to get Cannabis, how to use it, and what to expect when you do.

    Some of the many questions you’ll come across include:

    • Where can you buy Cannabis?
    • What is CBD?
    • What is THC?
    • Is Cannabis legal?
    • Can you mail Cannabis?
    • Can you take Cannabis on a plane?
    • Is Cannabis toxic?
    • Can you overdose on Cannabis?
    • Can Cannabis be used with other drugs?
    • What if you don’t have time to apply for a medical card?

    Read Cannabis Conversations Today

    If you’re curious about Cannabis, get a preview of what’s inside Cannabis Conversations on Amazon. Read it on Kindle or buy the paperback for about the cost of a large pizza!

    Stacy Thompson, founder of the Women of Cannabis Conference, reaffirms our need to start talking:

    “We need to hold ourselves accountable at a higher level because we are the foundation to a brand-new industry! We are creating the future that will heal the world, but we cannot do it alone… The first step to changing the minds of others is to start the conversation. [This book] will pique your interest to join our mission in saving the world through Cannabis. It all starts with a conversation!”


    By Seth Richtsmeier, Associate Director of SEO, Cannabis Creative Group


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