• December 05, 2020
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  • Cannabis as a Superfood


    How Eating Medical Marijuana Could Rival Spinach and Kale in the Future.

    Once you hear “eating cannabis,” your mind probably goes straight into edibles. But have you ever considered taking cannabis in its raw form?

    Raw implies cannabis in its natural unprocessed state, meaning that cured Nug from your stash will not do the trick.

    From a nutritional point of view, natural marijuana is one of the healthiest foods one could possibly take. The green produce is chock-full of protein, antioxidants, fiber, and a supreme combination of vitamins and minerals. This can be blended into a smoothie with other veggies and fruits, pressed into raw juice or boiled together with spices such as tea, or even mixed with a salad.

    Dr. William Courtney, a promoter of the Raw Greens Movement and a California-based physician, does not refer cannabis as medicine anymore but strictly as a dietary essential. This, according to him, is because cannabis captures molecules that helps the regulatory systems in our bodies to become more effective – cannabis helps all the 210 human body cell types to function effectively.

    You’ll need to use the leaves of live cannabis plants since dried cured buds don’t work well for raw cannabis consumption. Popular ways of eating cannabis include chopping and tossing it with a salad, sautéing it with seasonings or other veggies, and snacking on the seeds.

    If you prefer drinking your cannabis, you can mix with fruits and veggies to make a smoothie. You can also juice fresh cannabis leaves.

    Taking raw cannabis straight from the farm can have great positive effects on your health. First, you will enjoy all the therapeutic effects of cannabinoid acids, CBDa and THCa, which are usually burned away when vaping or smoking at high temperatures. When not torched, cannabis retains much of its highly beneficial terpenes.

    In raw form, cannabis is a leafy green veggie, which makes it chock full of fiber, iron, protein, and fatty acids. This can help you tremendously with your daily intake of vitamins – Vitamin C for enhanced immunity, and Vitamin K for folate DNA repair and strong bones. Should you happen to have purple-leafed marijuana, don’t ignore it as it has high anthocyanins and antioxidants that could help remove damaged cells from your body.

    Raw cannabis is a better alternative than vaping and smoking. When heated, the chemical structure of the plant changes, losing some medicinal properties. Raw cannabis is also safer for pregnant women and persons with breathing disorders or asthma than vaped cannabis.

    Another highly overlooked benefit of raw cannabis is that it does not give a high, and this allows our bodies to process a higher dose.

    Source: https://timesofcbd.com/cannabis-as-a-superfood/



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