• September 21, 2020
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  • Boomers Smoke Twice as Much Medical Cannabis as Millennials, New Survey Says


    A recent survey determined that Baby Boomers consume cannabis for medical purposes at twice the rate of Millennials. When it comes to recreational weed, though, those numbers are reversed, with Millennials sparking up just to chill out twice as much as Boomers do.

    The survey responses, conducted by Verilife, remain statistically flipped on other topics. The figures break down as follows:


    • 50% use cannabis primarily as medicine.

    • 28% use weed only for recreation.

    • 22% use it for both.


    • 22% use cannabis primarily as medicine.

    • 49% use weed only for recreation.

    • 29% use it for both.

    These vast age categories are prone to overgeneralization, of course. Just consider that “Baby Boomer” refers to people presently between the ages of 56 and 76, while “Millennial” covers everyone now between the ages of 22 and 38. So it’s best to take any supposed generational “traits” with a few grains of shake — I mean, salt.

    Still, these particular poll numbers do seem to make sense. They suggest cannabis is thought of mainly as medicine for older folks while, among the young, getting high is largely about feeling happy. We’ll toke to that.

    Read full article here: https://merryjane.com/news/boomers-consume-medical-cannabis-twice-as-much-as-millennials-new-survey-says


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