• January 19, 2021
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  • Biggest Challenges for the Cannabis Industry in 2021


    There is no denying that the last few years have seen big strides made in the legalization of cannabis and the growth of a new industry. In 2020, legal cannabis broke new ground in many ways, for example with New Jersey, Montana, and South Dakota voting to legalize the recreational use of cannabis and other states, such as Arizona and Mississippi, legalizing it.

    Several startups are receiving increased funding, such as Nabis, a software-enabled cannabis distributor that seeks to link farmers, manufacturers, brands, and vendors to improve the distribution process.2

    It seems as if the dynamic of the industry changes every day, with fast-paced mergers and acquisitions (M&A), new companies launching, and older outfits coming to prominence.

    With the continuing improvement in laws around cannabis, the industry has nowhere to go but up. In fact, the U.S. cannabis industry alone is expected to reach $30 billion in market value annually by 2025.3 But with any budding industry, there are always challenges to overcome.

    Read full article here: https://www.investopedia.com/biggest-challenges-for-the-cannabis-industry-in-2019-4583874


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