• July 06, 2020
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  • Australia is the next big growth market: Compass Cannabis


    Special Report: Compass Cannabis is doubling down on Australia, which it says is the fastest growing medicinal cannabis market in the world.  

    Over the last year the Australian cannabis market has been marked by foreign pot stocks fleeing their investments here, but one international company has chosen to double down.

    Canadian patient access business Compass Cannabis launched two clinics in Australia last year and is now prepping for an equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal in July.

    If that isn’t serious enough, boss Dave Martyn is even planning to move here.

    “I believe Australia and New Zealand are the best international markets outside North America in terms of growth. Both have flown under the radar because of COVID-19 and because they’re still early stage, but the near-term catalysts are here,” Martyn, president of Compass Cannabis, told Stockhead.

    Compass Cannabis is a clinic business, with two in NSW and five in Canada.

    Read full article here: https://stockhead.com.au/health/australia-is-the-next-big-growth-market-compass-cannabis/


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