• January 19, 2021
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  • 5 Tips For Maintaining Your Bong


    Nothing feels like that first clean hit of smoke from a fresh, squeaky-clean bong. If only your bong could stay that way—clear and gunk-free. Unfortunately, resin-like residue eventually gets left behind in the bong and the bong water can become rancid. 

    A dirty bong is inevitable. Burning kief, cannabis flower, or hash produces sticky black resin. Smoking resin is not good for you; the idea of all those sweet, rich cannabis smoke going through that gunk and straight into your lungs is not a pleasant prospect. Moreover, that gunk could contaminate the flavor of the smoke, giving it a roached taste that shouldn’t be there.

    As a result, your pride and joy, the bong that you agonized over and spent an inordinate time researching about, becomes a damning testimony to your procrastination. 

    Steps To Properly Maintain Your Bong

    Thankfully, there’s something that you could do to keep your bong unspoiled, fresh, and supplied with water as clear as a mountain lake. After all, you want a hit as clean and as smooth as possible.

    Cleaning and maintaining your bong is easy and straightforward. You just have to follow these simple steps:

    • Change The Water In Your Bong Daily

    Cannabis smoked through a bong is one of the most satisfying ways to consume it and one of the most popular. Bong water cools the smoke, removing the dry heat you get from smoking a joint. The first step towards a cleaner, gentler bong is to get rid of the dirty water. Bear in mind that dirty bong water doesn’t mean well-seasoned bong water. It’s just dirty water. 

    Make a habit of changing the water every night before going to bed. Dump the old bong water, rinse the piece well, and remove the dregs from the device. Remember to turn it upside down to dry. You can put in clean water once it’s nice and dry. 

    • Clean Your Bong Thoroughly With A Cleaning Solution

    Once you got that dirty bong water taken care of, you’re now ready to tackle that stubborn grime. Currently, there are many suggestions on how to clean your bong involving alcohol, salt, and other abrasive materials that could potentially scratch the glass. Luckily, there’s a commercially available bong cleaner that’s alcohol-free and non-abrasive. 

    First, you have to disassemble any removable part of your bong. The cleaning solution is a gel, so you have to give the pouch containing the cleaning gel a shake to activate the compound. Afterward, pour the product directly into your bong. Next, cover the holes with caps that came with the product, let sit for a few minutes, and shake the bong, swirling the liquid around for a few seconds. 

    Make sure that the solution is dispersed evenly throughout the bong. You can put the disassembled parts, like the downstem, bowl, and other accessories, directly into the pouch that contains the solution and let them soak for a few minutes. 

    • Use Pipe Brushes

    After giving your bong a soak, pour the solution back into the pouch (the cleaning solution is reusable). Take a brush and use it to remove the remaining gunk. Rinse the bong afterward with warm water. Next, carefully remove your downstem, bowl, and other parts from the pouch after you’ve soaked them. 

    Use an appropriately-sized pipe brush and give them a thorough brushing, ensuring that you remove all the residue and mold stains. Rinse them afterward. Dry with a soft towel, and then marvel at how clean and clear your bong looks. You could probably do this thorough cleaning every week or as needed.  

    • Avoid Getting Water Stains On Your Glass Bong

    Water stains on glass bongs are quite common. This is usually caused by using unfiltered tap water or hard water. Water stains can be tough to remove, which is why you should use filtered water for your bong water and during the cleaning process to avoid these unsightly marks.

    • Avoid Scratches On Glass Bong

    Removing scratches on glass bongs can be extremely difficult. They ruin a glass bong’s look and they can also weaken the material, which could result in a leaky bong. Luckily, there are several methods that can remove scratches from your piece. You can buff out minor, shallow scratches with a soft cloth. Severe scratches, however, would require more specialized tools and chemical solutions to remove. 

    This is one of those circumstances where prevention is better than cure. When you’re putting down your piece, see to it that you don’t put it down onto a hard surface. Put in onto something soft, like a cloth or something similar. When traveling or putting it away, wrap your bong in bubble wrap.   


    In summary, don’t smoke a bowl with a dirty bong. Pour out the bong water after every use. Dry your bong first before putting in clean water. Only use filtered water as bong water and for cleaning. Give your bong a proper cleanup once a week. Take care not to scratch the glass; don’t put down your bong on any hard surface. Lastly, use bubble wrap when putting away your bong.


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